Frequently asked questions

How can I get a wig made?

Please visit the "Design Your Luxury Unit" option on the menu bar to create your one of a kind unit! Follow the steps allong the right side of the page and add each piece individually to the cart to see full price of unit.

How many bundles do I need?

As a standard, for a natural appearance 2 bundles is enough for wigs up to 14 inches. Wigs up to 20 inches 3 bundles is enough and any length longer than 20 it is suggested to get 4 or more. For a more full/thick look add an extra bundle to your unit.

What is my cap size?

Please visit the "Cap Size" tab on the menu bar to see a full description of the different size options and how to measure your head accuratley

What size are your premade Luxury Units?

The average size of the premade units is a medium

When can I get my unit installed?

After you've made your purchase you will be contacted regarding install appointment.

Where will the install take place?

Charlotte NC. Specific address will be given upon receipt of payment.

How do I get my wig if I dont live locally?

Shipping is available for additional price.